Who the heck is this guy?

Who the heck is this guy?

Dragon going insane at the Cabazon Dinosaurs in 2021

The guy in the photo is Dragon, he's the person that's writing this and everything else here. Now that you can put a name to the face, I'll start writing in first person. Why? Because Dragon finds it awkward to write about himself in third person. See?

Let's be real, if you're on this website, you probably have a hint of who I am already. There's no SEO, ads, or linking to this site so you've likely arrived here from either:
a) stalking my social media, or
b) being told this site exists

Let's get that throbbing question in your mind out of the way already. Yes, my name is Dragon. Yes, that's what it says on my ID. Now, about me:

  • I love working on new, innovative projects, leading teams, and telling stories
  • I'm an early adopter of new tech and like to experiment
  • I call San Diego and Saigon home, though I'm rarely in either
  • Things I like to do for fun include: crafting up new lemonade recipes, throwing axes, exploring the great outdoors, and reading philosophical texts

Ok, now what is Everyday Dragon?

Everyday Dragon is my personal brand. It consists of the text Everyday Dragon and the dragon tail emblem. You'll see it across my digital presence and stationary.

The brand is about challenging the boundaries of what it means to be human and the content you'll see posted here is designed to share topics that foster insight, development, or advancement.

But for the most part, this is my personal blog so I'll post whatever I want. Don't like it? Too bad.

What is Dragon up to these days?

You can learn more about what I'm doing right now at my /now page:

How do I get in touch with Dragon?

If we've never chatted before, DM me on social @everydaydragon